Integrated Solutions is a part of the biggest telecom group in Central and Eastern Europe – Orange Polska Capital Group. It gives us access to the competence, experience and resources of Orange Polska, while also giving us freedom of operation, credibility and financial stability.

We use the nationwide Orange Polska service network, which gives us access to the results of research & development work by France Telecom.

Integrated Solutions was created to answer the growing client demand for consistent and comprehensive solutions for managing ICT infrastructure. It is a result of Orange Polska Capital Group several years of development and experience on the ICT market, as well as cooperation with 500 of the largest private and business clients.

Combining our expertise in telecommunications and IT, we offer comprehensive end-to-end solutions based on cloud computing. Integrated Solutions products and services are based on world standards and technology partnerships with market leaders.

Our company's teams


Presales and sales

We are responsible for preparing the technical and financial side of our offer so that it meets the needs of our clients as well as possible.

We develop our technical infrastructure and provide access to cutting-edge solutions. We guarantee a high level of our integration services.


Project management

We coordinate the development and implementation of solutions for our clients. We integrate the efforts of the presales team, the sales team and our business partners.

We customize our solutions according to the financial and organizational requirements of our clients.


Product development

We create solutions that are a step ahead of the competition. We research the market and implement new ideas.

We try to always look further and see the bigger picture.
So that we can see new possibilities for our clients.