Solutions termed "As-a-Service / Cloud" are one of the latest trends at the intersection of IT, telecommunications and dynamically growing ICT market segment. The cloud allows you to move and maintain the most expensive IT resources - data, devices, and applications – outside the structures of the company. This means changing the traditional investment model and transitioning to a service-based model, in which the company pays only for what it actually needs.


What are the benefits?


Flexible, scalable solutions that adapt to the current needs.

Easy growth

Without the need to constantly expand and maintain the IT infrastructure, the total cost of ownership (TCO) of IT environments significantly decreases.

Cost reduction

The ability to inexpensively and quickly launch new systems and business support functions.

Fast ROI

Faster return on investment (ROI).

Scope of the offer


Unified Communication is a solution integrating voice and video communication and data transmission. Integrated Solutions allows to treat Unified Communications as an external service ("as a Service") provided in a Cloud Computing model.


CCaaS offers "cloud-deployed agent and supervisor seats" equipped with workstations, phones and SIP-enabled softphones. Incoming and outgoing interactions are handled by cloud services that provide virtually all Contact Center and Unified Communications functionalities.


Backup as a Service is used for creating cloud backups of datastored on local laptops and workstations. Physical and virtual servers, databases and NAS resources can also be protected this way. 

Integrated Computing

Tailor-made IT infrastructure Integrated Computing is a comprehensive IT infrastructure sharing and management suite based on cloud computing. The service was created in response to the growing, advanced needs of business customers in the area of IT outsourcing. Scalability, flexibility, and most importantly, security are the chief features of this solution. 


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