BaaS - Backup as a Service

Backup as a Service is used for creating cloud backups of datastored on local laptops and workstations. Physical and virtual servers, databases and NAS resources can also be protected this way. BaaS offers new opportunities for protecting data without the need to engage in costly and technically complex projects. Full backup can be made without user’s input at any time. Thanks to this service, the IT team is no longer required to perform data and system recovery. Now, the loss of data resulting from a failure, a stolen laptop, a lost pendrive or a deleted important file is no longer a problem. Neither is an unexpected increase in the amount of data or the addition of new systems.

What are the benefits?

Full data backup up to 30 days in the past. With BaaS, data from a workstation or a laptop is fully backed up on a daily basis and each backup is stored in the system for 30 days.

Backup is performed at any/specified time without user’s input. Backup can be scheduled or performed after clicking the backup icon on the desktop. Thanks to backup parameterization and prioritization, the service administrator (on the customer’s side) has tools for remote service management. With deduplication, there is no extra load on data transmission due to the amount of data transferred. There are no backup-related consequences for the user.

Backing up disks, selected directories and files. It is possible to backup entire disks, selected directories or selected files. The backed up data can be recovered according to the same criteria.

One place where data is safe, easy to store and easy to recover. Many companies use backup systems which do not enable easy backup of workstations and laptops. Data is often stored in various locations (disks, pendrives, Sharepoint, laptop, tablet, phone). BaaS provides one place where data is safely stored and recoverable.

What do we offer?

BaaS was designed for companies which have their own backup tools but need a centralized and flexible backup repository in a public, hybrid or private cloud.

BaaS is also intended for companies which do not have their own backup tools and need a service that involves creating and managing backups of their IT systems in a public, hybrid or private cloud.

Backups are performed using the EMC Avamar software installed on the customer’s workstation or central system.

BaaS does not involve any extra load on data transmission. Data is deduplicated – the amount of data transferred is minimum. Data can be transferred via the Internet or IPVPN.

The service is cloud-based and processed in a safe Data Center provided by Orange Polska. The service provider takes care of all software-related issues so that the customer does not have to. Data is transferred to the central repository in the IS cloud (Avamar Grid) located at CPD Lodz, which ensures safety, ease of use and economical usage of data transmission link.

Data safety is critical when it comes to business operations. Loss of data means a great deal of trouble. Every year more than ten thousand portable computers are lost or stolen. They include work laptops as well as private users’ BYODs (Bring Your Own Devices) where the users store vital corporate data. Sometimes the employees lose pendrives with important data or delete a crucial file by mistake. There are also various failures that cause data loss.

BaaS enables full backup of data in all those cases for up to 30 days in the past, with backup performed without user’s input at a time specified by the administrator. What is more, a company can only include the most important elements, thus paying only for the features that it actually uses. The service is cloud-based and processed in a safe Data Center in Lodz, one of the leading state-of-the-art data centers in Poland. Data is deduplicated, which means that the amount of data transferred is minimum and there is no extra load on data transmission. The customer does not have to worry about data/system recovery – we do it for them, at a specified time, without users’ input and with no extra load on data transmission.