Integrated Computing

Tailor-made IT infrastructure Integrated Computing is a comprehensive IT infrastructure sharing and management suite based on cloud computing. The service was created in response to the growing, advanced needs of business customers in the area of IT outsourcing. Scalability, flexibility, and most importantly, security are the chief features of this solution.

In order to help our customers develop their business as best we can, we created two service options: Integrated Computing Standard and Integrated Computing Managed.

The first is addressed to companies employing people with high IT skills and looking for access to IT infrastructure, while the second option is the best possible solution for companies focusing on their core business and outsourcing their IT operations to specialized integrators.

What are the benefits?

Resource optimization and scalability. Optimum use of IT resources with no additional investment in hardware or Data Center equipment. Infrastructure resources are scalable and always tailored to the customer’s business needs.

Increased efficiency. Increased efficiency of IT teams’ operations through a focus on supporting systems that aim to increase sales and profitability.

Altered cost structure. Reduced capital expenditure, a monthly subscription for resources used.

Access to resources via Business VPN and IP Sec Internet. Easy and efficient access to resources by extending of the customer’s corporate data transmission network (as part of the Business VPN or IP Sec Internet services).

High quality and security. High service quality is ensured by a Service Level Agreement (SLA). Our infrastructure is located at two Data Centers, situated in Poland within approx. 100 km of each other.

What do we offer?

Integrated Computing Standard The basic part of our offer is a Virtual Data Center and its components, including vCPU, vRAM and disk storage, needed to run virtual machines. The service is based on virtualization using VMware vCloud Director.

Integrated Computing Managed Based on computing resources available as a shared or dedicated environment employing VMware virtualization, the service lets users share and manage operating systems, IT platforms and third party applications.