UCaaS - Unified Communication as a Service

Unified Communication is a solution integrating voice and video communication and data transmission. Integrated Solutions allows to treat Unified Communications as an external service (“as a Service”) provided in a Cloud Computing model.

The main advantages of UC in the cloud model are elimination of investment outlays and more effective resource use, much faster system startup time, unbelievable flexibility, and "always green" – access to the latest system version without need for upgrades.

The service is composed based on the mature and advanced solution by Cisco (HCS – Hosted Collaboration Studio) and infrastructural resources of Grupa TP – including the biggest data center in Poland and the most extensive fiber network.
UCaaS can mean simply "handsets in the cloud" – using desktop and mobile devices for voice calls, but can be also extended by additional system components, such as an instant messaging allowing to place calls and send files, easy to set up voice and video conferences, presence information etc.




Integrated Solutions – the origin and the future of the cloud

Michael Ganser (SVP Central Theatre, Cisco EMEAR) talks about the possibilities offered by cloud computing.

“The Cloud” enables companies to transfer and maintain the most expensive IT resources – data, hardware and applications – outside its own structures. This means a change from the traditional investment model and a transition to a service-based model where the company only pays for what it actually needs.

What are the benefits?

Change in the cost structure.

Independence from databases or operational systems – Cisco technology supports different systems.

Both when connecting the service with existing telephony infrastructure, traditional or IP, and adding new users.

System testing.
Possibility to conduct a test run of the system in a limited environment – allowing to familiarize oneself with the functionality and check the real needs of different user groups.

System integration.
Possibility to integrate existing UC system in the traditional model with UCaaS platform.

Transparent billing model.
One monthly invoice for used resources from one entity delivering both the service and hardware.

Scope of the offer

We deliver UC platform with required telecom and provide access to our Data Center.

We integrate existing communication tools into a single system and deploy, monitor and manage the UCaaS system.