Contact Center

Modern Contact Center is much more than a Call Center. It supports developing and maintaining good customer relations affecting the profitability of companies.

Contact Center System enables companies to serve customers through various communication channels:

  • Phone
  • E-mail
  • Web chat
  • Web collaboration between agents and customers
  • SMS
  • Video

The main task of Contact Center solution is:

  • Incoming interactions handling (e.g. taking orders, service support, receiving complaints and reports),
  • Outbound interactions , which are initiated in order to connect with customers (e.g. market research, sales by phone, search for customers, debt collection).

The Contact Center is required to:

  • connect customers with the most skilled agents as quickly as possible and provide maximum automation and quality of service,
  • optimally utilize customer service agents and resources at the same time keeping the satisfaction of the agents from their work.

Contact Center Solutions are an essential part of business management strategy based on customer relationship management (CRM).

CC is addressed to companies that:

  • Care about how they are perceived by Customers,
  • Want to ensure the best possible service quality,
  • Want to be available to Customers at the right time using a form of contact that Customers find convenient,
  • Want to reach Customers with their offer quickly and at the most appropriate time.


  1. Lowering the cost of customer service.
  2. Greater control over the way customer is served.
  3. Better recognition of  customers’ needs.
  4. Longer customer retention.
  5. Increasing the chance of attracting new customers.
  6. Immediate response to new trends.


  • We provide solutions from different Contact Center vendors, which enables us to adapt to the specific requirements of our customers.
  • The solutions can be implemented in different models of installation i.e. on the customer's location or hosting them on our side.
  • Contact Center offer is enriched by various complementary systems ensuring the greater comprehensiveness of the solution.
  • In addition to the implementation, we also advise how  to use the supplied solution optimally.
  • We provide comprehensive support for the deployed solution.