IP PABX is a managed business IP telephony service using VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) technology for constructing an internal and external communication system. Phone calls are made using a safe, unified network for data and voice transmission using IP VPN.

IP PABX is also a set of advanced features for streamlining communication within the company and integration with office applications. IP phones are specialized computers, with each one having a unique IP address in the IP VPN network. This means that phone management and administration can be done remotely from the administrative desk.

IP phones and computers can utilize applications which enhance the user’s productivity, e.g. by allowing browsing the phone book on the computer or phone screen and placing a call by selecting a contact from the book. IP telephony allows for creation of specialized applications which can e.g. display information about the calling customer, retrieved from the company database.

Who is it for?
  • Large companies (ca. 150 or more users) having multiple branches or planning to expand,
  • Clients using or planning to use multimedia or multimedia plus grade IP VPN services,
  • Clients wanting a unified system for transmitting voice and data,
  • Remote file and document sharing, displaying presentations from a laptop screen,
  • Companies wanting to optimize costs by using a unified network for voice and data transmission.
What are the benefits?

Simple system configuration, expansion and single-desk administration; access to multiple useful features only offered within the IP PABX service.

Cost optimization.
No additional expenses for a separate phone network,
hardware and system administration.

Versatile and integrated service.
The VPN network allows for fast transmission of data,
voice and video signal using a single IP link.

IP phones can be moved to a different location
preserving the original phone number; comprehensiveness and security – the network is fully monitored and managed by IS.

Simple call rating.
The rate is independent on the distance between client sites. The company’s phones and computers work together – the phone display can present information retrieved from the company IT system.

Advanced monitoring features.
Ability to place conference calls using the company phone book synchronized with MS Outlook and advanced monitoring using the phone’s built-in HTTP browser.


Offer includes

IP telephony management device (computer server with specialized software) and a set of IP phones configured and programmed remotely from the administration desk,

TP services of maintenance, administration and servicing of IP telephony devices as well as security monitoring and network management.