Business requirements are changing dynamically, and IT budgets are closely looked upon by accountants. This is why those responsible for maintaining and developing the IT infrastructure are faced with the daunting task of aligning it with the business needs in the most efficient way. This has resulted, among others, in the development of virtual environments and migration to the hybrid cloud. These changes have been accompanied by a steady increase in the volume of stored and processed data. Integrated Solutions is a provider of IT solutions that ensure optimal infrastructure performance, availability and security in commercial companies and public institutions. The company is a leading integrator of storage, backup and data archiving systems, cloud computing solutions and IT management systems. Integrated Solutions also offers professional training, audits, implementation services and technical support services.


IS is a partner of the world’s biggest IT companies, including EMC, VMware, HP, CISCO, NetApp, and Microsoft.


What are the benefits?

End-To-End services

We are able to deliver technical services for the full data center infrastructure stack. As a subsidiary of Orange Polska Group, we have our own data centers and our own backbone network, which enables us to build advanced, hybrid IT services.

High quality and security

Our data centers are located in secure locations and have been equipped in line with the services provided, and we belong to one of the largest capital groups in Poland. High-quality services guaranteed with Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

Increased business flexibility

With the opportunity to break away from the rigid and inefficient traditional structures, with flexible financing models and with the ability to provide any solution "as a service".

Business continuity

By using leading Disaster Avoidance and Disaster Recovery solutions and Orange Polska Group data centers.

Scope of the offer


Expanding the company's IT infrastructure often involves the problem of insufficient room for its installation. Moreover, the rooms where the servers or other IT equipment is to be installed require appropriate conditions related to energy supply, ventilation and security (both in terms of access and equipment operation).


Virtualization makes it possible to integrate many independent IT systems and to run the already integrated system on several physical devices. This results in lower infrastructure maintenance costs and even use of its capacities.


IT infrastructure modernization should head towards consolidation and virtualization. Why? You can gain a lot by implementing virtualization solutions. For example, reduce energy intake by 70 percent on average, and reduce operating costs by as much as 50 percent.


Information is one of the most important resources of the modern enterprise. Its role is increasingly important, as is the need to use suitable security tools. Integrated Solutions service allows to create a system for effective creation and storage of backup copies.

Integrated Computing

Tailor-made IT infrastructure Integrated Computing is a comprehensive IT infrastructure sharing and management suite based on cloud computing. The service was created in response to the growing, advanced needs of business customers in the area of IT outsourcing. Scalability, flexibility, and most importantly, security are the chief features of this solution.

Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery and Disaster Avoidance solutions guard the safety and continuity of your business. The available tools allow to recover the data lost in case of failure at external locations. The technology offered by Integrated Solutions is characterized by high availability for the VMWare virtual environment.

Microsoft Environment

Many modern devices (laptops, PCs, tablets, smartphones) runs operating systems of the MS Windows family. This means that practically every company uses Microsoft software. Besides operating systems, there are office suites and groupware solutions. All the above elements constitute a coherent IT environment supporting operation of the company.


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