Central backup systems

Information is one of the most important resources of the modern enterprise. Its role is increasingly important, as is the need to use suitable security tools. Integrated Solutions service allows to create a system for effective creation and storage of backup copies. Even in the case of loss of data or access to it you can retrieve the necessary information and recreate the original assets. We begin building your backup environment with analysis of the present situation. We learn the needs of the company, the possibilities and requirements related to security. Based on this, we select the right hardware and software tools from a wide range of vendors. The implementation is done according to the design presented earlier. We train the administrators and provide maintenance services. We are not in the background. We collaborate, recommending actions that will improve company security and be a basis for further development of the system.

Integrated Solutions uses solutions that utilize data deduplication – an algorithm that only unique, non-duplicated data is processed. Their multiple reduction successfully reduces the time needed to make backups. It allows fast transfer between remote locations and reduces the volume of stored backups. Another important feature of the systems offered by IS is centralization of management. They allow you to centrally manage backup system components located in different organizational and territorial units. Our goal is also to choose optimal backup technology appropriate to the technical conditions in the company.


Who is it for?


The service is for every company that considers protection of information a vital part of their business strategy. We address our offer to companies with different profiles and operating in many industries.

What are the benefits?

better protection of business data – fast recovery in case of failure

automation of activities and better productivity of the IT department

easier management due to centralization of components

flexibility of the system, allowing to fit it to business needs

more efficient data recovery process

savings of time, disk space and costs