Expanding the company’s IT infrastructure often involves the problem of insufficient room for its installation. Moreover, the rooms where the servers or other IT equipment is to be installed require appropriate conditions related to energy supply, ventilation and security (both in terms of access and equipment operation). Adaptation and maintenance of such rooms involves significant expenditures.

Integrated Solutions offers the “Colocation” service which consists in providing an adapted place for storing the client’s IT infrastructure.

For this reason Integrated Solutions offers the colocation service which consists in providing a technical facility for storing the client’s IT infrastructure. The technical parameters of the Colocation Room guarantee the stable functioning of key IT systems and a safe access the stored and processed data (on a 24/7/365 basis).

All the services provided are governed by the Service Level Agreement (SLA) guaranteeing their appropriate level for the environmental conditions.

What are the benefits?

Safe location.
Immediate access to a properly equipped and secured location where the client’s own IT infrastructure can be installed.

Avoidance of costs.
Avoidance of costs related to finding, acquiring, equipping and securing an appropriate building.

System stability.
Independent power generating units, permanent supervision and control through a specialist monitoring system.

Access protection, network and service security, supervision over users, monitoring of the facility and its parameters.

Data transmission.
Possibility of launching data transmission to a given location.

Scope of the offer

Providing ready TP rooms with proper environmental parameters controlled by monitoring and supervision systems.

High performance power supply ensured by UPS devices and power generating units.

Safety of the equipment installed – access protection, network and service security, supervision over users, security monitoring.

Protection from fire, equipment relocation services and “remote hands” services.