Server and storage consolidation – towards a cloud architecture

IT infrastructure modernization should head towards consolidation and virtualization. Why? You can gain a lot by implementing virtualization solutions. For example, reduce energy intake by 70 percent on average, and reduce operating costs by as much as 50 percent. The service offered by Integrated Solutions is based on proven solutions with tangible benefits for your business. When dealing with server infrastructure, companies often struggle with its diversity and with resulting management problems. Two of the most popular scenarios are less then optimal utilization of server hardware potential or insufficient performance. A modern business needs infrastructure that follows its current needs, is flexible, easy to manage and highly available. Virtualization in the server, network and storage layer is also a first step towards a cloud-based architecture. The next one is environment automation, providing resource use accounting features and self-service portals. This enables outdated IT departments to be transformed into an IT-as-a-service model.

Who is it for?

The Integrated Solutions offer is meant for every business, regardless of size and industry. It is a great fit for an IT environment consisting of a few, several dozens, of even hundreds of machines. We will build a fully consolidated infrastructure using virtualization of physical resources. That way, your business can expect a better economic outcome with increased flexibility and availability of corporate infrastructure.


centralized and transparent management of all resources

easy customization of devices to current company needs

fast creation of new resources

lower operating costs

more business flexibility thanks to breaking away from inflexible and inefficient (cost- and performance-wise) traditional structures

Range of service:

Analysis of Client’s IT environment

Consolidation of servers and storage, based on devices offering high performance of processes, memory, disk systems and communication interfaces.

Virtualization of consolidated resources using dedicated software

Automation of processes related to service lifetime, billing and self-service environment

Maintenance service