Virtualization makes it possible to integrate many independent IT systems and to run the already integrated system on several physical devices. This results in lower infrastructure maintenance costs and even use of its capacities. Thanks to virtualization the IT environment is better prepared for continuous changes resulting from the constant need of adapting to varying business conditions.

Integrated Solutions assists in completing all the steps necessary while migrating the physical infrastructure to virtual machines. The assistance encompasses all the stages, from the requirements analysis and defining final expectations to the implementation and validation testing.

Our consultants and engineers provide you with support in order to ensure that the server virtualization process is successfully accomplished and brings measurable business and financial gains.

What are the benefits:

More efficient use of the IT infrastructure capacities through their consolidation.

Reduction of costs resulting from the implementation and maintenance of the new components of IT infrastructure.

Possibility of transferring virtualized systems between different physical systems.

Faster expansion and tests thanks to the function of copying and cloning of virtual machines.

Improved security through dividing capacities between different virtual environments.

Faster environment restoration Faster environment restoration after a breakdown. Additional capacities available on request (private cloud function)

Scope of the offer

Pre-implementation analysis defining the current and the target state as well as the roadmap between them

Preparing the plan of migration to the virtual environment

Virtualization software installation (along with hardware shipment, if necessary)

Migration of physical machines to virtual ones

Validation and restoration testing