Working on the go has become a reality. More and more companies benefit from the ability to work remotely. Integrated Solutions makes it possible to work anywhere as effectively, or even more effectively than in the office. What is important, our solutions also enable you to protect your  company’s data.


What are the benefits?


The ability to work remotely.


Increased security of the data used by the mobile employees.

Ease of installation

Remote installation of the mobile applications needed by the business.


Efficient support of new devices in the network.

Scope of the offer


Mobile Device Management (MDM) is a solution that makes it easy to manage the entire fleet of mobile devices used at the company while respecting its security policy. This solution provides centralized control over all of the company's mobile terminals and protects corporate data. 

Mobile wokspace

Integrated Solutions is a concept of a mobile, full-featured, cloud-based work environment. The only difference between the work environment offered by IS and a traditional one is location. No longer be tied to your desk! With MobileWorkspace, employees can do their jobs from anywhere, with the same or better efficiency.


BYOD Smart Solution is based on top-class wireless network and security products and technologies. It allows to uniformly serve wired and wireless clients in the company, ensuring a high level of security, high flexibility and maximal process automation that eases the burden on IT workers.


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