BYOD Smart Solution

BYOD Smart Solution is based on top-class wireless network and security products and technologies. It allows to uniformly serve wired and wireless clients in the company, ensuring a high level of security, high flexibility and maximal process automation that eases the burden on IT workers.

Who is it for?

For companies in need of a network architecture connecting WLAN and LAN networks, scalable from 100 to tens of thousands of users.

What are the benefits?

Reliable security of networks, data and applications accessible to employees with mobile devices.

Safe and convenient access to corporate network for guests and clients.

Effective support for new devices in the network.

Efficient and comprehensive enterprise security policy management.

Range of service

A coherent platform for authenticating users and managing access security policy for wired, wireless and VPN networks.

A monitoring and management system allowing you to manage wireless, wired and VPN networks with a single user interface and a single platform.

A LAN network with ability to efficiently connect endpoint devices and wireless access points.

Modern wireless WLAN network.

Scalable and device independent remote access VPN solution.