Mobile Device Management     Samsung Knox

Mobile Device Management (MDM) is a solution that makes it easy to manage the entire fleet of mobile devices used at the company while respecting its security policy. This solution provides centralized control over all of the company’s mobile terminals and protects corporate data. The MDM-class solution offered by Integrated Solutions is a centralized platform from FancyFon that makes it possible to control mobile devices in real time from the moment of activation of mobile services throughout the device’s entire life cycle. The solution’s advantage is that it can be used to manage various types of devices (smartphones, tablets), regardless of their operating systems.

Mobile Device Management means:
  • Mobile resource management – data identification, storage and reporting on mobile devices,
  • Configuration management – remote configuration of network connections,
  • Application management – a central application repository, remote distribution and installation of applications for user groups,
  • Automatic data backup – backups of critical data on mobile devices,
  • Security management – definition, update and remote sending of security policies to mobile devices,
  • Certificate management – a central certificate distribution system,
  • Remote support – taking control of a mobile device in a secure way,
  • Administrative profile system – flexible definition of roles, rights and the scope of competences for employees with access to the system,
  • End user console – a panel that enables users to locate their devices, report theft, erase data remotely, install applications, and backup data.
In addition, MDM Professional Services provides the following support services:
  • Dedicated engineer team for cooperation with the customer,
  • Individually defined SLA conditions,
  • Adjusting the price of the service to the type and scope of support,
  • Scope of services that matches the way MDM is used at the company.
Who is it for?

Mobile Device Management is addressed to Customers who:

  • Store information on mobile devices (smartphones, tablets) – corporate data is available not only on a secure laptop, but also on mobile devices used by employees on a daily basis,
  • Have more than 100 smartphones or tablets at their company,
  • Use mobile devices with various operating systems (Android, iOS, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile),
  • Provide top-quality services to external customers,
  • Have a distributed organization structure.

Access to a secure domain – management of any number of mobile devices is simple, fast and error-free, which equals efficient and productive work within the company,

Permanent control over mobile resources by managing all mobile devices from a single, central administrative console,

Time and cost savings thanks to implementing a single platform that makes it possible to manage multiple operating systems,

More efficient administration, service and implementation of new mobile solutions,

Security of information and data stored on mobile devices

Improved communication and higher employee efficiency

Easy installation – remote installation of applications essential for the company on any number of mobile devices.