Mobile workspace

MobileWorkspace. No longer be tied to your desk!

The question about mobile business is no longer “if”, but rather “how”. The stage of doubting whether we need mobile tools is behind us. Now is the time to implement them. Integrated Solutions is a concept of a mobile, full-featured, cloud-based work environment. The only difference between the work environment offered by IS and a traditional one is location. No longer be tied to your desk! With MobileWorkspace, employees can do their jobs from anywhere, with the same or better efficiency. MobileWorkspace fulfills business goals, feature and data security requirements. By choosing IS, you get a comprehensive, safe and economic infrastructure that will bring tangible benefits to your company.

MobileWorkspace means access to:
  • modern mobile devices. Smartphones, tablets, phablets and computer accessories – we will choose devices suitable to your business profile and your company working conditions. We will provide, configure and customize your device fleet so that is ready for work out of the box. As suppliers, we will also deal with maintaining the infrastructure;
  • security systems. Implementing an MDM system enables you to easily manage company devices. The system will improve data security and allow to implement a security policy. On request, our engineers and analytics will create security procedures and administer the MDM system;
  • services and applications supporting business mobility. Using solutions like Unified Communications systems, document sharing tools, Sales Force Application or Field Force Automation leads to quicker and more effective collaboration within the company, as well as better sales numbers.
Who is it for?

MobileWorkspace is a great fit both for mid-sized companies and large organizations with a distributed structure and elaborate trading network. The advantage of IS over other solutions on the market is its flexibility and comprehensiveness. MobileWorkspace combines the know-how of Integrated Solutions engineers and Orange Poland with products and services from world-class providers. Having access to different technologies, we are able to provide a solution that is 100% customized to the requirements of a particular business.


Mobility. Ability to work remotely or in mixed mode, depending on the needs of the company and employee tasks.

Business flexibility

Better data security

Monitoring of company mobile devices

Easy resource management

Savings. Lower administrative and operating costs.