Mobile Device Management     Samsung Knox

Samsung Knox – a corporate smartphone can be safe. Separate storage for work and private files. Space for business and space for the employee. That is the idea behind Samsung Knox, a new solution from Samsung. It is a platform that increases the security of corporate data without limiting the employee’s freedom. Drawing a solid line between the professional and the private does not work. Studies show that using company devices for private purposes is a natural thing for the user. Moreover, having one laptop or tablet instead of two is not only more convenient, but also leads to better work efficiency. Using mobile devices, we can work in every situation, regardless of standard business hours. We can react quicker and be more flexible.

Samsung Knox means:
  • ability to manage mobile devices;
  • low investment costs compared to other similar solutions;
  • encrypted device storage;
  • setting limits within devices, e.g. blocking of Google Play;
  • remote find and wipe feature in the case a device is stolen or misplaced.
What are the benefits:

Better protection against cyberthreats.

More control over corporate resources when used together with Mobile Device Management systems.

More operating flexibility.

Efficient and comprehensive enterprise security policy management.

Introducing Samsung Knox and MDM gives you more business flexibility. The company can introduce a Bring Your Own Device policy, improving work comfort without compromising about data security.