Data and application acceleration

The ever-increasing volume of data being sent through wide area networks and the number of applications being served makes WAN efficiency a key element of effective business processes.

Acceleration systems address WAN performance problems and provide an alternative to a constant growth of link bandwidth, while enabling companies to centralize its IT resources and decrease its operating costs.

Who is it for?

Wide area network acceleration systems are dedicated for clients:

Of any size
who have a distributed organization,

Who have a growing
demand for mobile workers

Who currently have to endure slow data
replication and backup creation in distributed IT systems

What are the benefits?
  • Lower maintenance costs for WAN links
  • More efficient WAN applications due to faster data transfer
  • Real-time collaboration between mobile workers scattered between different sites
  • Consolidation of scattered IT infrastructure, centralization and virtualization of Data Center resources as well as serving applications and data through WAN
  • Optimized data replication and backup creation using WAN
Offer includes

WAN traffic audit

Pilot deployments of data and application traffic accelerating devices

Infrastructure design, deployment and maintenance