Local and wide area networks are the basic element of modern ITC systems. The right design of a LAN/WAN network is crucial for efficient communication, both for users utilizing traditional wired solutions and wireless network users.

A high performance, reliable and secure network directly influences a company’s business processes, guaranteeing effective and cost-efficient execution.

Who is it for?


We offer a wide range of products and services, depending on customer’s needs and structure:

LAN networks – networks spanning single buildings or office campuses. They offer the largest bandwidth for short-distance connection users.

MAN networks – used for connections between different LAN sites, usually in cities or districts. They offer relatively high bandwidth due to the use of dedicated connections.

WAN networks – long-distance networks connecting multiple LAN/MAN networks.

Wireless networks – networks using radio links to transmit data, both local (WLAN) and long-distance (microwave radio relay systems).

What are the benefits?
  • By selecting the optimal network architecture for the company’s department and application structure, it can improve communication to boost employee productivity and lower communication costs.
Offer includes

Technical analysis, audits, product and project consulting

Development of safe internal company communication architectures

Design and creation of LAN / WAN / WLAN / VPN / MPLS solutions

Installation and configuration of networking devices

Network infrastructure monitoring and management services

Device maintenance and ICT systems maintenance services