The current market situation is characterized by increasing use of ICT systems in all areas of doing business. This tendency is accompanied by an increase in the value of information, and so the growing need to protect them. A key element in ensuring the security of information is the response time to potential threats that could have a direct impact on the business.


What are the benefits?

24/7/365 support

Security Operations Center is constantly looking for threats.

Immediate notifications about security incidents

Those responsible for managing IT systems on the customer?s side are notified about incidents.

Protection against next-generation cyber threats

Malware Protection service analyzes all files with unknown signature.

DNSSEC and IPv6 support

SecureDNS support all common industry standards, such as DNSSEC and IPv6.

Scope of the offer

IT Security

The present market situation sees increasing use of ICT systems in all aspects of business. This trend is accompanied by growing information value, which increases demand for reliable information security. The key element to ensuring information safety is the response time to potential threats that can disrupt business operations.

Audit / Monitoring

The scope of our service also includes audits and analyses of infrastructure condition and of the voice or network services it provides. Audit or analysis can be an invaluable source of information necessary for the proper preparation of migration, new implementations, verification of optimal infrastructure utilisation and completion of business tasks.

DDoS Protection

DDoS, a distributed attack aimed to block access to resources (usually a web application) is a number one cyberthreat. All it requires is a few dollars and minimum knowledge to instantly cut off a site or online store from the e-world, or simply steal data. Comparing the resources needed for the attack and its potential effects shows that the difference is huge.


Firewall allows to secure the company network against unauthorized access. Such solutions are based on dedicated hardware and software. Integrated Solutions offers solutions by firewall market leaders.


SOC (Security Operations Center) MS is a service of monitoring the security of selected IT areas of the client (infrastructure, IT systems and applications). A dedicated team analyzes events in the Client?s IT systems 24/7/365, using SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) by leading manufacturers.


VPN (Virtual Private Network) allows remote, secure access to company resources. Modern solutions of this class allow access to selected applications and data in the IT systems while keeping the highest level of information security.


During a DDoS attack, when there are millions of DNS queries, the server ? and often also its connection ? is effectively blocked. SecureDNS prevents this by distributing the queries; they always go to the geographically closest cluster node.

Malware Protection

Malware Protection gives your network administrators increased control over what gets into your company. The solution offered can successfully combat threats that are undetectable by traditional anti-virus software. This security strategy is already used by many leading financial companies in Poland.


Optymalne warunki przeglądania strony przy korzystaniu z przeglądarki Microsoft Internet Explorer uzyskuje się na wersji IE7 i wyższych.


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