DDoS Protection

Don’t give in to DDoS attacks


DDoS, a distributed attack aimed to block access to resources (usually a web application) is a number one cyberthreat. All it requires is a few dollars and minimum knowledge to instantly cut off a site or online store from the e-world, or simply steal data. Comparing the resources needed for the attack and its potential effects shows that the difference is huge. The cases of attacks that have happened show that losses can be as high as several hundred million dollars. The bigger the company, the bigger the risks of financial and PR losses. The only way to combat DDoS is active protection. DDoS Protection is a comprehensive service protecting your business in the Internet. We deliver a solution based on Arbor Networks technology and cloud computing model that analyzes network traffic and identifies alarming events. The offer also includes support by Orange Security Operation Center. Its experts monitor traffic 24/7/365 and begin blocking or recovery actions in case of danger.

What does DDoS Protection consist of?


DDoS Protection has three elements that give it a market advantage:

  • know-how and ICT infrastructure from Integrated Solutions and Orange Poland,
  • Arbor Networks technology,
  • Orange Security Operation Center service.
Who is it for?

DDoS Protection is a service dedicated for every organization. DDoS attacks have no limits regarding industry or company size. Implementing proper security systems is the only way to protect a business. The effectiveness of our DDoS Protection service is proven by the fact that most Polish financial institutions decided to implement the technology that IS offers. The companies tightened their existing infrastructure, secured their ICT resources and improved customer service security.


securing information and business processes in the company

constant monitoring of traffic and analysis of potential threats

24/7/365 support from Security Operation Center experts in identifying threats

immediate defense against the attack and minimizing of its adverse effects

flexible pricing model thanks to cloud computing technology

lower total cost because there is no need to invest in special infrastructure