IT Security

The present market situation sees increasing use of ICT systems in all aspects of business. This trend is accompanied by growing information value, which increases demand for reliable information security. The key element to ensuring information safety is the response time to potential threats that can disrupt business operations.

Thanks to our integrated monitoring platform and years of experience in business approach to security, we are highly flexible in tasks related to security monitoring, regardless of scale and scope.

Who is it for?

Everyone who wants to be sure that the data crucial for the continuity of the company operations is secure;

Companies who constantly transfer sensitive data (e.g. personal data).

What are the benefits?

A solution customized to your needs and utilizing best practices; 24/7 security monitoring for the covered ICT systems.

Information about security breaches in the client’s systems provided within the time specified in the contract.

Information about the proposed solution to the threat and possibility of immediate action to minimize the identified risks.

Support from IS experts on security incidents for the client’s team.

Irreversible data removal from electromagnetic media whenever there is a need to ensure the data cannot be recovered.

Analysis of the compromised system and identification of traces pointing to the perpetrator and the manner in which the breach was performed.