Malware Protection

Protect your company from malware


Malware Protection gives your network administrators increased control over what gets into your company. The solution offered can successfully combat threats that are undetectable by traditional anti-virus software. This security strategy is already used by many leading financial companies in Poland.

How does Malware Protection work?


Malware Protection monitors networks in real time to detect malware, Advanced Persistent Threats, and zero-day attacks. This is achieved through a virtual test environment for analyzing files’ behavior. If verification suggests suspicious activity, the administrator is alerted, and the file placed in the signature database. When the next attempt is made to download the file, it will be automatically blocked. If some malicious file manages to get through defenses, attempts to connect to the botnet command and control (C&C) servers will be detected and blocked in the outgoing traffic. The administrator will then be informed about the infected workstation. Malware Protection is a service based on advanced security technologies from FireEye and Palo Alto Networks.

Who is it for?

Malware Protection is a service designed for any ICT security-conscious organization. We particularly recommend it to companies that want to be protected against personal, business and financial data leaks, as well as against direct loss of money. Our service allows you to extend the protection afforded by antivirus software. Malware Protection should also be of interest to organizations for which it is important to protect their brand image.


Protection from next-generation cyber threats. Anti-malware devices analyze all files with unknown signatures. You are protected against APT (Advanced Persistent Threat) attacks.

Quick protection as a service instead of expensive and time-consuming investment in devices and implementation.

Protection against recklessness of corporate network users.

Instantly blocking malicious activity at the corporate network level(before it reaches the workstation).