Outsourcing IT

Integrated Solutions can provide comprehensive support for computer users in the company. That includes solving software and hardware problems, as well as acting on requests for hardware and software changes. The range of services is wide, however, it is based on two elements:

  • Service desk – remote support for end users by IT staff. The service is provided using telephone, e-mail and remote desktop technology. With good organization, it allows to solve most reported incidents and requests.
  • Direct support – provided on site if remote solving of the problem is not possible. The service includes repairs.

Outsourcing support tasks at a company to a specialized partner is increasingly common. Outsource IT support. Trust it with a specialized company who is a part of a stable capital group.

Who is it for?

Small and large businesses who arrive at the conclusion that time spent solving IT problems is too valuable to them and IT support quality is too low.

Small businesses for which maintaining an IT department is not cost-effective because the range of needs is too narrow for a full-time job.

For mid-sized companies that have difficulties accessing IT specialists with high and rare qualifications.

For large companies, outsourcing IT support to a partner will simplify IT management which will become a transparent function serving to fulfill core business goals with a set level of quality and, above all, continuity.

What are the benefits?

Lower operating costs of business and replacing investment with operating costs due to equipment leasing.

Professional support of IT systems with access to engineers of all specialties through successive support layers, without risk of temporary unavailability.

Know-how access and ability to use IT for a competitive advantage.

Ensured continuity of operation – the size of Orange Poland Capital Group, its capital ties, international scope of operations, supervision of the stock market and economic importance are a guarantee of continuous operation, practically unlimited civil responsibility and highest standards of business ethics.

Establishing a specific service level together with a guarantee of continued operation lowers operating risk and allows to focus on the core business.

Range of service

Service desk – remote support for end users by consultants who are qualified IT engineers.

Direct support – provided on site if remote handling of the request is not possible.

Hardware and licenses.

Administering standard (e.g. Microsoft Exchange) and specialized servers – remote administration of all types of servers.

Other bespoke services, e.g. workstation configuration management, virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), implementations, configurations and migrations.

Consulting and audit.