Intelligent solutions for cities from Integrated Solutions

Number of people living in cities continues to grow. The UN reports that by 2050 almost 70 percent of population will move to big cities. What does this mean for local governments and citizens? Congestion, crowding, infrastructure troubles, increase in crime and a host of other problems, which already plague cities and soon can completely disrupt their functioning. The IS Smart City portfolio is a series of technological solutions which together form the concept of a well-managed, efficient, and above all citizen-friendly city.

The basis of the Smart City solutions implemented by Integrated Solutions are Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS). Their key functionality focuses on managing traffic. In addition to the improvements at the traffic lights and public transportation level, ITS provides a platform for integrating solutions such as:

  • City surveillance
  • Incident management
  • Paid parking zones
  • Municipal resources management
  • Lighting management

From the technological perspective Smart City is a combination of four processes that make up the intelligence of our offer. Automation, system, analysis and optimization - in this way we provide the tools to create Agglomeration 2.0.

For whom?

Integrated Solutions offer is addressed to the city authorities (presidents, mayors) and the administrative units responsible for the development of regions.

Why to invest in a Smart City right now?

€82.5 billion is the amount reserved for Poland in the EU cohesion policy. Local governments may use it until 2020. They should consider the EU funds while creating city development plans for the coming years.

What are the benefits?

Savings. Our offer enables a reasonable optimization, based on hard data. Reducing costs is also a result of more efficient management of resources, such as water and electricity.

Higher quality of life. Smart City solutions profile the city services. While going to the city center it is worth checking where there are free parking spaces or how to get there without becoming stuck in traffic jams.

Increased security. City surveillance and crisis management solutions alert the relevant authorities about adverse situations and accelerate their response.

Economic development. A well connected city, which responds to the needs of residents and tourists, is an ideal place for business development.

Ecology. Improving city traffic will reduce the amount of the exhaust gas and CO2 emissions.